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Start your own HYIP or ICO - we guide you.

We are running online businesses over 10 years and we are specialised on HYIP, ICO and Marketing. We have innovative revolutionary products for you!
After launching several programs by ourselves we now focus on managing others to launch. We support them from beginning to end and make sure their launch will be successful. Our Statistics prove that the profits are very high day for day and you are welcome to join us. It is our claim to be one of the best in the world as we have the best marketing tools and know how.
Most of our profit comes from promoting your website and being the biggest affiliate and referral for your website. In the end both of us get a huge revenue :-)

All-in-one Packages - Run your own HYIP

Thinking about running your own Program?
We provide advantageous and affordable packages and service for future HYIP owners. Stop investing your own money into others. Start running your own website. We help you setup and manage your program and you will get full professional service. You get a training and a demo run as well. No technical background needed.

Why are we selling this know how? We are a group of programmers who run several programs since 2012 but now we focus on support, development, investing and marketing instead of managing programs by our own. We already supported several clients running different packages and the results are amazing. Some of the top programs are from our clients we supported which makes us very proud.

Tired of being scammed? - Start your OWN HYIP

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Accounts and Documents

Accounts for Payment Processors or Marketing
We offer them all!
We provide several Accounts for social media and payment gateways like perfect money, payeer or neteller. We also offer Accounts which are in use for longer time which have a very high score.
All accounts are verified by email-address, phone number or ID and utility bill. You will receive all documents with your order.


Server, Bots & Marketing tools

Choose from our wide-ranging services
We decided to offer just easy and single products to avoid that you pick the wrong stuff. Please have a look around in our unique toolkit.
Our Products reach from Hosting to Marketing tools which we always use by ourselves to promote the websites. We recommend to choose a All-in-one Package if you want the best all-around solution.
We provide support or Handbooks for all products. No technical background needed.

Templates and Designs

We offer modern designs and templates
For HYIP, ICO, Mining or Double websites
We provide advantageous and affordable website designs and we do the integration for you. Start running your own website. We help you setup and manage integration to any scripts available on the market for HYIP, ICO or Doubler. No technical background needed.
We recommend to buy a All-in-one Package if you are not sure!


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